Take your online security to the next level

In my only other cyber-security article I commented on the importance of using a unique and powerful password for every individual website you visit. As noted, a password manager is the perfect solution for this, even if transitioning to one can feel like a bit of a nightmare at the start.

Today, well over a year on from migrating to a password manager myself, I’m going to discuss two factor authentication; what it is and why you absolutely need to switch it on everywhere you can.

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What the heck is diversification?

If you ever browse investment literature you’re likely to come across the phrase “diversification”; typically mentioned along with “asset allocation” and probably “risk tolerance”.

In this post I’m going to broadly cover the behemoth that is diversification; what it is, what it aims to achieve, why you should probably diversify your own portfolio and, importantly of all, what diversification most definitely isn’t.

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How cutting costs will snowball your savings

It’s a simple truth that reducing your outgoings will increase your ability to save, but how does this stack up? How do we decide what to sacrifice in order to be able to save money?

Take a look at some real world examples to see how snipping a pound here and there could leave you with a very handsome looking bank account.

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The ultimate US:UK personal finance translation compendium

I’m betting that at some point along your journey to financial freedom you’ll have stumbled across a US phrase or word that just means absolutely nothing to you. You’ll briefly Google it, still have no clue how it relates to the UK and be right back at square one. I can definitely say I’ve been there and was trapped at that point for a long time when starting out.

No longer must you suffer! Introducing the ambitious project that will be: The ultimate US:UK translation compendium.

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